GCH Harmony Woods MM Madeira 1*M

DOB 2/1/10

LA 2-03 91 EEEE, LA 4-14 91 VEEE


Maddy as a 4 year old pictured above

Maddy as a yearling

Maddy's dam, CH Here Be Goats H Macyn at 3 years of age



We are so thankful that Toni and Lily Perez offered us the chance to bring this DOUBLE MARTINI girl back into the herd!! As soon as they told us they were breeding Macyn to Makaidos our only thought was WOW! Macyn kidded with a single doe this year, Madeira. Madeira is a little white beauty that intensifies the Martini lines while adding in SG Kastdemurs Tach Lach and our late buck *B Glen Mythos Hrothgar!

"Maddy" as she as known here freshened as a spectacular yearling! She resembles her dam Macyn and double granddam Martini strongly in type!

2012 - Madeira freshened with a bang! This doe has it all, general apperance, body and production! As a 2 year old she finished her first show out going 2x Grand Champion over 30 senior Lamanchas! On appraisal day she blew us away earning a FS 91 EEEE!!!!

2013 - Maddy freshened even more beautiful and mature as last year! We took her to one 3 ring show, she was 1x Best of Breed and 1x Best in show!!! The other two rings she was 2nd in Champion challange in a class of 5 Challangers! She has beautiful general appearance, a beautiful mammary and she MILKS! Her 2013 kids (both sold) were some of the prettiest on the farm!

2014- This was Maddys year to shine! Shown in 6 rings she was Best of Breed in 4 (Mai Tai beat her in the other two) and then Best in Show twice at our last show! She is the epitome of dairy strength! She also gained another 91 appraisal at 4 this year. We retained her lovely doe kid Milano!



2013 - 1x Best of Breed 1x Best in Show 

2014 - 4x Best of Breed, 2x Best in Show


  1-01  269  1310  3.5%  46  2.6%  34

1-11 341 2544 97 (3.8% F) 71 (2.8% P)

3-01 275 2330 75 (3.2% F) 62 (2.7% P)

4-00 268 2295 90 (3.9% F) 61 (2.7 % P)



*B Here Be Goats KTL Makaidos AI

LA 2-03 88 VEV


+*B SG Kastdemurs Tach Lach

2009 National Premier Sire!


GCH Here Be Goats Dutch Martini 3*M


CH Here Be Goats H Macyn LA 3-03 89 VVVE


*B Glen Mythos Hrothgar


GCH Here Be Goats Dutch Martini 3*M


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