Left: Niki Jordan & Cee at 2003 Nationals

Right and Center: Conagher snacking on oak leaves.

Left: Jewel saying "Gimme a treat!"

Right: Rachel Shaw with her LaMancha/Oberhasli kid

Left: Opal and her Kids; L-R, Giselle, Mr. Slate & Here Be Goats Patches

Right: Me & Giselle, with my friend Megan & her LaMancha kid "Auryn"

Left: Ashley Shaw getting attacked by a rabid Darth baby!

Right: Opal at 5 mos. "giving me a hug" (Back in 1998, I was only 15 in the picture!)

Big N Farms Pricilla, Oberhalsi/Nubian cross

LEFT: Berretta's hamming it up for the camera.

RIGHT: The girl's share the fence with me for a photo opportunity.

Silene gets a cool down while playing with the hose.

Mysts of Avalon bar

Mysts of Avalon bar

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