2024 Breeding plans *Tentative*

Pictured above is the 3 year old class at 2022 Nationals

E-mail for more information.

DOES BUCKS Bred Kid Price/Availability

GCH Marley

Kastdemur's Armani  
$1000 1D retained

GCH Gem Twist

  Kastdemur's Armani

 1D reserved $900
GCH Mardi Gras

Kastdemur's Vampiro or Kastdemur's Armani TBD

GCH Maycee Kastdemur's Vampiro - repeat breeding  $850 - 1D reserved
GCH Mirage  Kastdemur's Vampiro - repeat breeding

1 D reserved $850

GCH Twisted Tea Kastdemur's Vampiro

 1B reserved 1D retained $850

Vamp  AI kids reserved
Mystic Mojo Kastdemur's Vampiro- repeat breeding 1B 1D reserved Kids $800
NowomanNocry Kastdemur's Armani Kids $750 1D reserved
Maelys Kastdemur's Armani Kids $750
Makenna Kastdemur's Armani Kids $600 1 D retained
Avery Kastdemur's Armani 1 D reserved Kids $600
Chai Tea Kastdemur's Vampiro Kids $600
Interstellar Kastdemur's Armani Kids $550
NIGERIANS - Due in 2024
Gotta B Kid N High Point  All reserved
Cade's Lil Farm Sriracha  
Gotta B Kid N Almas Agape's Prize Arch Rival Bred 3/16/2024  
Agape's Prize Cardi B
Agape's Prize Wicked Quick   Bred 4/7/2024 Doe kids - 700$ buck 600 kids
Agape's Prize Marie Mason  Agape's prize Arch Rival Bred 12/22

Doe kids - 850$ buck 800 kids 1 D reserved

Bridge Acres Ikura Agape's Prize Arch Rival Bred 4/7/2024 Doe kids - $600, bucks TBD
HBG Jamaican Blue (Kona x Rival)

** Pregnancy confirmed by Ultrasound or Biotracking.

FOR LAMANCHAS - We ask for a $100 deposit for all first doe and buck reservations.

FOR NIGERIANS - Since they are a new breed we ask for $100 deposit on doe kid reservations and buck reservations on certain does (see the chart for more info). Bucks from FF will only be sold if we think a doe is exceptional, to be determined after freshening, otherwise they will go as bottle wethers at 2 weeks of age. If you have interest from a particular pairing for a FF buck - send us an email and ask to be placed on an interest list.

Balance on the kid is due within 14 days of notification. Should your kid not be born we will refund the $100 or you can transfer to another kid or roll the deposit another year. We can airship on Delta usually. All kids must be shipped or picked up by 4 weeks of age unless prior arrangements have been made. We just do not have a lot of space to maintain extra kids long term. **PLEASE NOTE - WE DO NOT REFUND CANCELED DEPOSITS OR ORDERS. YOU HAVE THE OPTION OF ROLLING YOUR DEPOSIT OR ORDER OVER FOR ONE CALENDAR YEAR, AFTER THAT IT IS FORFEIGHTED.***

In light of some recent drama on social media I want to clarify our policy for any sort of replacement animal due to genetic non-breeding or genetic ONLY defect issues. First we would require a statement from your veterinarian describing the condition. After that you will FIRST be offered a replacement kid, born the following year, that is of the same value as the one you have (either a repeat breeding if possible, or if not one that is mutually agreed upon). If Said animal is not born the following year a full refund will be offered. The buyer is responsible for all shipping and vet costs associated with the replacement animal. Thankfully in 20+ years this has not been an issue YET, but I do realize these are livestock and anything could be possible.


Mysts of Avalon bar

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