GCH Here Be Goats Mav Miriam 5*M

DOB 1/17/2013

LA 1-03 86 +VVV

Alpha Casein A/A

Candid photo above of Miriam at age 7.

Miriam as a two year old second freshener above, the day she finished


Pictured above are two first fresheners by Miriams son Here be Goats About T'iam (Miriam x GCH Here be Goats KUA Manhatten EX 92), bred by Marshall Losey. In 2021 T'iam had a three year old daughter M's Sagebrush T'iam Vision appraise 93 EEEE!


Three of Miriam's milking daughters, Maui Fizz (VG 88 at 2), SG Weihegold (VG 88 at 2) and GCH Marley at 3, side photos are Maui (L) and GCH Marley (R)


When we were deciding what to breed Mai Tai to in fall of 2012, we thought we would go back on one of our own bucks that we sold Marshall Losey several years ago. *B Here Be Goats H Maverick is a son of GCH Here Be Goats Dutch Martini 3*M and *B Glen Mtyhos Hrothfar. Maverick has two finished does in the M's Sagebrush Acres herd, one which was 8th place 3 year old at 2012 Nationals with an LA score of 91 VEEE! The other is EX 90 VEEE. This is a "double Martin" (half brother, half sister linebreeding) that is also a "reverse"breeding of GCH Harmony Woods MM Madeira 1*M LA 4-03 91 VEEE (also another double Martini granddaughter, sired by Mai Tai's brother).

Mai Tai surprised us with one doe kid born already when we got out to see her, however Miss Miriam was STUCK with no head to be found! After trying to re-arrange her with no luck, she headed to the Univerisity of Florida where they tried to get her out at no avail. so we opted for C-section. Everything went wonderful and so we decided to keep our "stuck" baby as the Mai Tai daughter for the year!

Miriam has exceeded our expectations being dubbed "the fancy yearling"! At her second show out she managed to earn 2 GCH legs towards her championship and 1 reserve! She milks very well with that beautiful ideal teat placement.

2015 - Miriam freshened with triplets and at two easily finished her championship at her first show out! We just love this doe, she has elements of her dam who was a favorite, along with her double granddam GCH Martini. Sadly we endured a tragedy with her this summer, which was the wettest season in Florida since 1997, and she contracted a bad mastitis very quickly and we opted to do a mastectomy on her to save her life. It was bittersweet but she has recovered fantastic and we hope to be able to breed her and get kids for years to come.

Miriam is proving to be an amazing producer. She has beautiful milking daughter as well as sons producing her beautiful type and mammary, she is what we consider proven! Marley her two year old here is a real herd favorite.

2021- Miriams progeny moves on! GCH Marley her daughter has had 4 Best in show wins out of 7 attempts shown. Miriams son *B Here be Goats About T'iam sired the first 93 EEEE doe with my bloodlines, in the M's Sagebrush herd in Arizona! Miriam will be 9 in 2022, she took a year off so we are hoping to try to repeat the Marley breeding (to SGCH Comet) this fall.




Forever Goat Show 2014 - 2x GCH, 1x Reserve  

Florida State Fair 2015 - 1x GCH, 1x Reserve



1-01 259 1699 79 (4.6% F) 51 (3.0% P)

2-02 235 1970 73 F 59 P



+*B Here Be Goats H Maverick LA 88 VEE



*B Glen Mythos Hrothgar


GCH Here Be Goats Dutch Martini 3*M

Dam GCH Here Be Goats KTL Mai Tai 4*M AI


+*B SG Kastdemurs Tach Lach


GCH Here Be Goats Dutch Martini 3*M



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