Here Be Goats HM Maui Fizz 6*M

DOB 4/3/2016

Alpha Casein A/F (2 CH legs in 2018)

LA 1-01 85 VV+V

LA 2-00 88 VEEV

LA 3-00 87 VEEV

DHIR 2-00 243 2153 86 F 61 P

Maui pictured as a 3 year old above (3 weeks fresh)

Photos above pictured as a two year old 2nd freshener


Yearling milker pictured above


Maui or "chocolate" as we call her was our line breeding "science experiment"! We wanted to see what happened when we linebred on Mai tai, and despite being 21% inbred all three of the triplets were beautiful! Maui did not disappoint when she freshened, she eared an 85 on LA as a yearling literally the day after coming home from UF vet school with a case of acidosis. That did not stop her, she easily earned her requirements for *M on DHIR and was one of those does that did not want to dry up. Her components run almost equal to that of Mai Time who is our A/A casein doe. Maui has a wonderful temperament, is easy to milk and is easy to keep. And easy on the eyes!

Another doe that just takes everything in stride. Maui made her first debut as a two year old and won 4 out of 5 classes and earned two GCH milking legs! She is following closely in the footsteps of her doe line! We love the power and strength of this doe and extension of brisket. She is one that comes out full each milking and is a no hassle girl!

Maui was sold to Final Furlong Farm in TN as a show home, where are hoping she earns her final leg and makes beautiful babies for them. Such a hard call to keep numbers down and also Maui gets heat stressed in FL. Thank you Amber Blaisdell for giving her such a wonderful home.




1-00 243 2153 86 F 61 P


*B CH Here Be Goats KUA Manhatten LA 5-02 92 EEE


*+B Kastdemur's Up & Atom EX 91 EEE


SGCH Here Be Goats KTL Mai Tai 4*M EX 90


GCH Here Be Goats Mav Miriam AI 5*M


*B Here Be Goats H Maverick


SGCH Here Be Goats KTL Mai Tai 4*M EX 90

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