GCH Here Be Goats SFC Marley 6*M

DOB 4/28/2018

LA 3-01 90 EEVE

LA 4-00 91 EEEE

Alpha Casein A/A by parentage


Marley pictured above at 4 years

Marley was 12th place 3 year old at 2021 Nationals

   Marley as a 3 year old 2nd fresh above, where she was 3x BOB 2x BDIS!


Marley pictured above Sept 6, the day she finished!


Marley pictured here at 5 months old September 2018


Miriam blessed us with a late pair of doe kids but when Marley was born how could we not keep her! Miriam has not disappointed us yet with her daughters and this one is following suite! She is very long boned and angular and dairy. With tons of wild color from her "Glen Mythos" heritage behind Miriam.

Marley freshened with Quints as a first freshener! Not only did her udder come in nicely, we were able to finish her at her first show out! 3x GCH, 3x BOB, 1x Reserve and 2x BEST IN SHOW! Way to go Marley finishing her style! This doe just is General appearance and dairy strength perfection! She is so correct all the way around.

2021 update! As a three year old she did not disappoint! We waited till she turned three and took her out to our last show in May, she was Best of Breed in all three rings and Best in Show in 2! She has been shown 7 times in her life and 4 of those has received a Best in Show. Marley was 12th place 3 year old in a huge class at 2021 Nationals. We love so many things about this doe and how she is maturing. Her daughter Mirage was 10th place intermediate kid.

2022 - Marley took a little bit to get catch her stride and bloom this year, but by April she was running hot! She ended up with 5 Best of breed wins and 2 Best Doe in Show wins at Spring Fling, as well as appraising 91 EEEE! Her 2022 doe kid, owned by Daisy Creek in TN, got her dry leg at the first show out! Marley's yearling daughter Mirage scored 86, and at her first show was GCH as a milking YEARLING earning a milking leg. We have not had this happen since Marley's granddam Miriam did so, many years ago!











*+B SGCH South Fork AV Hailey's Comet EX 92 EEE *ELITE*


+*B SG Kastdemur's AV Avalanche *ELITE*



SGCH South Fork TS Hailey 5*M LA 92 EEEE



GCH Here Be Goats Mav Miriam 5*M



+*B Here Be Goats H Maverick


SGCH Here Be Goats KTL Mai Tai 4*M LA 5-03 90 VEVE


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