Here Be Goats KFT Colette AI 4*M

DOB 1/17/2013

Alpha Casein F/F

LA 4-04 90 EEEV LA 6-04 90 EVEV


Colette picture above at 6 years earning GCH and Best of Breed at the 2019 Florida State Fair

Colette pictured at 4 years


Colette pictured at 3 above and a yearling below

Colette as a first freshener one month fresh!

Paternal sister: CH J-Haven Livin With Ambition 2014 NATIONAL CHAMPION!


After a huge single AI buck born in 2012 via emergency C-section, CQuin recovered great and we decided to plan one more special AI for us!!!! We just love the Throttle daughters in the J-Haven herd, especially CH J-Haven's Livin with Amibtion who was 2nd 2 year old /2nd udder at 2012 Nationals. We thought this breeding would cross well with C-Quin's good general appearance !

Unfortunately C-Quin was again ultrasounded with a huge single kid (she loves to bake 'em!) and what we thought was another buck. We decided to do a planned C-section for less stress on the her and the baby....and to our surprise it was not a buck but a COLORFUL DOE!!! Colette is maturing into a huge, tall amazing yearling! She has a ton of general appearance and while yes she has more nose bridge than desired she does not throw it. Coupled with a long bone pattern she freshened with a beautiful mammary. She is also now the paternal half sister to the 2014 National Champion CH J-Haven FT Livin With Ambition!

Colette is a herd favorite despite the fact that she is a hard luck girl! In 2015 she blessed us with QUINT DOES, after a hard bought of preg tox (we had not idea she had 5 on board). She has since recovered well and looks great. In 2017 she has matured to the largest doe in the herd. Colette earned 1x GCH x BOB this season. Her 3 year old daughter Chablis earned 2x GCH milking legs! We had Colette bred for early 2018 when she suddenly got very ill and septic. Sadly we lost all of her babies (quads). We have her rebred for 2019 and are holding our breath for an easy year for her!



2017 1x Grand and Best of Breed


1-02 223 1463 69 (4.7% F) 37 (2.5% P)

3-02 352 1840 62 (F) 49 (P)


*B Kastdemurs Full Throttle

2014 National Premier Sire



+*B GCH Kastdemurs Watch Yourself EX 91 EEE


SGCH Kastdemurs Shasta 3*M EX 92 EEEE

Dam  GCH Here Be Goats C-Quin 3*M LA 6-05 90 EVEE


+B GCH Altrece Xavier LA 91 EEE


GCH Glen-Mythos Clytemnestra 2*M LA 7-04 90 EEEE



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