GCH Here Be Goats KUA Cleopatra 3*M

LA 3-04 90 VVEE

DOB 12/11/10

Alpha Casein A/A



Cleo pictured above at 4



"Cleo" above as a 3 year old on the day she finished






Well what ELSE do you name the first doe kid of the season, quite possibly the last doe kid out of the herd matriarch GCH Clytemnestra, and the kid nicknamed "Princess" from the start?! To say we are excited about this kid is an understatement. She is the first Up & Atom daughter and quite possibly the nicest doe kid her dam has ever had from her wonderful 12 year old dam "Cee". 

Update! Her second show out, Cleo was 1x Reserve Junior Champion to Calpyso and 1x Junior Champion earning her dry leg!

2012 update - One word for Cleo, EXCITING. We think she is the best "Cee" daughter to date, she is a near perfect blend of her beautiful dam and sire!!!  This is a huge doe, as tall as GCH  Mai Tai, our tallest doe, ahd has her sire's length of bone coupled with the beautiful front end and head of her dam. She is a real favorite in the barn. She was 3x 1st yearling milker at the only 5 days fresh...then we took her out in November and she was 1x GCH and 1x Reserve earning her second leg!!!

2014 update! This big girl is everything we could hope for! She freshened with twins and plenty of milk and works hard with exceptional butterfat this year. She finished easily at her first show out. We took her out once more for Champion Challange and she stood second behind Maddy in a class of 6 champions! Despite her large size she is an easy keeper and we would take a whole barn just like her. We are thrilled to be using her litter brother this fall on some of our does!





2x 1st place Junior kid, 2011 Goats in Gatorland

2x 1st, 1x Junior GCH Hernando County Show

3x 1st place yearling milker 2012 Goat in Gatorland

1x GCH, 1x Reserve 2012 Clay County Goat Show

2014 - 1x Reserve 1x Grand Goats in Gatorland

 2015 -1x Best of Breed at Florida State Fair




1-03 259 1786 64 (3.6 F) 56 (3.1%P)

2-01 332 2234 91 (4.1%F) 74 (3.3%P)

3-02 263 2306 146 (6.3%F) 72 (3.1%P)




*B Kastdemurs Up & Atom LA 91 EEE




+*B Dagron Taipai's Toronto LA 91 EEE





GCH Kastdemurs MakeSevenUpYours EX 93 EEEE







GCH Glen-Mythos Clytemnestra 2*M LA 7-04 90 EEEE







*B Hailey's Star No Quarter






GCH Glen Mythos Clymene 1*M







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