I give thee LaMancha,

 no circumlocation nor facade,

God's Greatest gift, here in my back yard.

Welcome to our home on the web! All of our breeding stock is CAE free and raised CAE prevention. We test twice per year with Biotracking. We are TB/Brucellosis certified and accredited. All our animals that we have tested have been negative. Does and kids are vaccinated every 6 months with CDT and Bo-Se. We feed a 16% mare and foal feed with oats and beet pulp. Hay provided is Perennial Peanut hay, Orchard alfalfa and limited alfalfa to milkers and kids. Our theory is that good genetics can not get you anywhere without great management! We encourage buyers to do the same.

2022 has been an interesting year for us, my husband had a quintuple bypass at 49, then we tragically lost SGCH Maserati to a torn uterus, her little doe kid Tesla was hospitalized for three weeks doing well until she slipped backwards and we lost her too. Despite the losses the goats have helped push on and keep my head above water. We did manage to finish three does this spring, pending ADGA approval, GCH Jaguar, Gem-Twist and Mardi-Gras. Icing on the cake was appraisal where they all three went EX 90, and GCH Marley went EX 91 and ended the season with 2x BDIS wins. We attended nationals this year and 5/6 made the cut with our yearling Twisted Tea being 3rd place milking yearling!

On top of everything else I took the leap - into some small goats! Rising feed and fuel prices, top quality milk for cheesemaking, I begun looking at Nigerian herds on test. The breed has come SO Far since it started. The availability of being able to pick up kids at no extra cost allowed us to bring home some from nationals. We thank Amores Farm, Curbstone Valley and Castle Rock for our start into the "Nigerian project".


Two of our favorite does in the "purple" for 2019 and 2021, SGCH Mai Time and GCH Marley!

 Tea was 3rd place milking yearling at 2022 Nationals


GCH Here be Goats ARC Melisandra, 3rd place two year old 2015 Nationals. Owned by Alder*Rose, Meli was our first homebred EX 92 EEEE doe in 2018! Thank you Tessa for taking such good care of her! Proof that we do well good goats to other people!

Presenting our first ADGA Spotlight Sale consignment! Here Be Goats Mai Verdades sold for $2050 to Leslie Diaz and Marshall Losey !


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