Here Be Goats KUA Decisive Moment 2*M

LA 5-03 90 EEEV

Dam to the 2017 Spotlight Sale Kid - Here Be Goats Mai Verdades

Alpha Casein A/F

DHIR - 3-03 300 3130 106 F 90 P

4-02 312 3410 121 F 98 P

5-01 288 3528 125 F 93 P

DOB 1/23/2012

Moment pictured above at 3


Candid photo of Moment dry and just fresh in 2016



Moment known as "Maddy-Lynn" is appropriately named!!!! She was a huge beautiful kid when she was born and was doing great, I came back from birthing Mai Tai and my husband called because a baby was crying....Maddy Lynn was grey, cold and shocky and her tied off umbilical was full of blood. We knew if she did not get to the vet she would die for sure so off to University of Florida we went (thanks to a strong encouragement from our vet two hours away, Dr. Mara Ricci, I will be forever greatful!). Her life was truly a matter of a decisive moment!! Maddy-Lynns umbilicus had torn internally and she was bleeding into her abdomen and we had to transfuse Martini's blood into her. It is truly a miracle she is alive!

In 2016 Moment freshened with a beautiful set of 2b 2d quads!She is milking up a storm but sadly that mastitis from 2015 has left permanent scarring in her udder. We made the decision to retire her from showing but has not stopped her from milking! At this point she has 3 lactations over 3000#.

Moment is proving to be quite the producer of female offspring. Her oldest daughter Here be Goats Elaina's Moment appraised 89 VEVV at 3 in late lactation. Her Comet daughter SGCH Here Be Goats SFC Mai Time 3*M is our new rising star with a yearling appraisal of 1-02 89 EEVE and a high test of 12.6! Mai also finished at he first show in 2018! The highlight of her career was her 2017 daughter Here Be Goats Mai Verdades being accepted into the ADGA Spotlight sale and selling for $2050 to southern California! We repeated that breeding of Verdades and have our own Maserati here now!

With great saddness we had to say good bye to Moment November 2019. A sudden case of pneumonia and rumen malfunction took her down to where even UF vet school could not save her. A devastating loss and a huge hole in our heart. We will miss you Maddy Lynn. Fly high!

Here Be Goats Mai Verdades, 2017 Spotlight Sale Nomination

Moment's daughter SGCH Here be Goats SFC MaiTime 3*M LA 1-02 89 EEVE, LA 2-02 90 VEEE



1x GCH, 1 x BOB 


*B Kastdemurs Up & Atom LA 91 EEE



+*B Dagron Taipai's Toronto LA 91 EEE


GCH Kastdemurs MakeSevenUpYours EX 93 EEEE


Dam: CH Harmony Woods MM Madeira LA 2-03 91 EEEE


*B Here Be Goats KTL Makaidos (litter brother to GCH Mai Tai)


Here Be Goats H Macyn VG 89 VVVE



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