2021 Breeding plans

  Taking reservations. Subject to change - PLEASE read terms and conditions below breeding list. Retained possibilities listed. I may NOT keep them all so if you have interest in someone, please do ask. :)

E-mail for more information.

DOES BUCKS Bred Kid Price/Availability
 GCH Miriam

*B Here be Goats KV Matterhorn

Does $650

Bucks $550 

1 Doe retained 1 buck reserved

SGCH Mai Time

 Vivaldi/ GCH Valegro (depends on when Valegro  comes home)** not taking reservations until pregnancy is confirmed

Does: $750

Bucks: $650

1 doe retained

SG Maserati


Does: $500 Bucks: $475

All does reserved



Does: $500 Bucks $475

1 Buck reserved 1 doe reserved

SG Money Vivaldi  


Does: $500 Bucks $475
1 Buck reserved 1 doe reserved

Gem Twist


Does $500

Bucks $450

1 Doe retained 1 buck reserved 1 buck 2nd choice


 Milk through



SGCH South Fork AV Hailey's Comet EX 92 or GCH +*B Kastdemurs Valegro

Does $400

Bucks $400

1 doe retained

Jaguar Matterhorn

Does $400

Bucks $400

1 doe reserved 1 buck reserved

Mardi Gras Matterhorn

Does $400

Bucks $400

1 doe reserved

** Pregnancy confirmed by Bio-Tracking.

We ask for a $75 deposit to hold the kid of your choice, balance on the kid is due within 14 days of notification. Should your kid not be born we will refund the $75 or you can transfer to another kid or roll the deposit another year. We can airship on Delta usually. All kids must be shipped or picked up by 4 weeks of age unless prior arrangements have been made. We just do not have a lot of space to maintain extra kids long term. **PLEASE NOTE - WE DO NOT REFUND CANCELED DEPOSITS OR ORDERS. YOU HAVE THE OPTION OF ROLLING YOUR DEPOSIT OR ORDER OVER FOR ONE CALENDAR YEAR, AFTER THAT IT IS FORFEIGHTED.***

In light of some recent drama on social media I want to clarify our policy for any sort of replacement animal due to genetic non-breeding or genetic ONLY defect issues. First we would require a statement from your veterinarian describing the condition. After that you will FIRST be offered a replacement kid, born the following year, that is of the same value as the one you have (either a repeat breeding if possible, or if not one that is mutually agreed upon). If Said animal is not born the following year a full refund will be offered. Thankfully in 20+ years this has not been an issue YET, but I do realize these are livestock and anything could be possible.


Mysts of Avalon bar

Mysts of Avalon bar

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