Here Be Goats Magic Ceira 3*M

DOB 1/20/09

LA 2010 1-08 86 V+EV

DHIR 1-00 272 2069 88 (4.3%) 66 (3.2%)

Ceira at two years, 2 freshenings!



Ceira as a yearling milker


We are thrilled to have another Cee doe! This was an exciting breeding for us, combining our two best does, Cee and Match and adding in a little Class Act! The results a beautiful growthy doe that strongly resembles her dam! Ceira freshened with a beautiful udder and triplet doe kids! She is so tall and long boned for a yearling, We can not wait to see what her future holds.

Ceira was 2x 1st place including the 2010 D3 Lamancha Specialty! One month later at our triple ring show she was 2x 1st place again and 1x Reserve Senior Champion! Judges comments that this is one fancy yearling and we have to agree! ;-) She still has a long way to go to fill into that huge frame but this girl has size and scale and milk and we could not be happier! She has peaked so far this year on DHIR test at 10lbs of milk with over 5% rolling butterfat average......

2011 -update We LOVE this goat! She has a huge frame and a will to milk! She has been at the top of some VERY competitive two year old classes so far this year and we could not be more pleased with her! Two year old classes with 10+ entries each...she has a huge frame and a lot of milk so is slower to mature but we think she has an exciting future.

This is Ceira's 2011 daughter, Here Be Goats KUA Caitlen, owned by Deb Macke of Raintree Dairy Goats! We think Ceira is going to end up being quite the producer!





4x 1st, 1x 2nd, 1x Reserve Senior Champion 2010

1 x 1st, 1x 2nd, 2x 3rd, 2011








*B Here Be Goats Classy Magician LA 2-05 90 VEV



+*B South Fork SK Class Act LA 8-05 93 EEE


GCH FDF Pleasant Fields Match 2*M LA 5-03 92 EEEE



GCH Glen Mythos Clytemnestra 2*M -
2007 LA 7-02 90 EEEE



Hailey's Star No Quarter
LA 2-03 83 +EV


GCH Glen-Mythos Clymene 1*M


Mysts of Avalon bar



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