Rustic Woods JG Timeless

DOB 2/9/2021


Alpha Casein


Timeless pictured above at 6 months


SGCH Rustic Woods JH Infinity EX 91 VEEE, 19x BOB, 12x BDIS, 7th place 2 year old at 2018 Nationals


Timeless littermate sisters - Rustic Woods JG Mirage and Rustic Woods JG Flawless both have dry legs with BJDIS wins. Mirage was 7th senior kid at 2021 Nationals

Maternal half sister - CH Rustic Woods MLC Integrity 3rd place/2nd udder two year old 2021 Nationals

Paternal half sister - Rustic Woods JG Freedom, 1st intermediate kid at 2021 Nationals and personally a doe kid I really coveted!



Sire - *B Jen Mae Ka Kids Gambling Man (left) and his dam Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Roulette, daughter of the 2017 National Champion and Best Udder GCH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Canasta EX 92 EEEE


Some things are just "meant to be". We certainly were not looking or a in a position to really add another buck this fall. But when I saw Nichole post her last son of Infinity I instantly wrote her and said - "Gosh I wish you were closer or would do a lease"....and well, lets say it just progressed from there! We found the most perfect (and affordable) fast transport and he was here in a week!

After losing two of our own heart goats, SGCH Bella Rose and SGCH Money, I certainly understand the feeling, those you will never replace in the barn or in your heart. Infinity was the basis of the Rustic Woods herd, whom I met at nationals and really admired the goats. Best way to describe the herd is they just "glisten" with shine, health and bloom. I was very much impressed with the consistency of what Infinity was throwing as well. Her daughter CH Integrity is beautiful! Infinity's sire CH Jen Mae Ka Kids Hero's dam GCH Jen Mae Ka Kids Kala was one of my favorite does in the JMK herd, mixing that in with some of the strong doe lines from Lucky*Star Farm, SGCH Lucky Star LOT Vivian, EX 94 EEEE (also top ten).

Couple that with a strong sire line it made him very exciting. Gambler's dam is Roulette out of the beautiful 2017 National Champion and Best Udder GCH Jen Mae Ka Kids Canasta EX 92 EEEE. His sire (AI) needs no introduction SG +*B Kastdemurs Vicco, whose dam SGCH Kastdemur's Vintage was the 2019 Reserve National Champion and 93 EEEE! Vicco has many finished daughters throughout the country.

We are super excited to have him here and are changing up some breeding plans to use him on some of the best!






Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Gambling Man

*+B SG Kastdemur's Vicco

Jen Mae Ka Kids Roulette

SGCH Rustic Woods JH Infinity EX 91 VEEE

*B CH Jen-Mae-Ka Kids Hero EX 90 VEE

SG Sunnydale Farm D Eternity



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