SG Here Be Goats SFC MaiTime 3*M

DOB 2/21/2016

Alpha Casein A/A

LA 1-03 89 EEVE

DHIR 1-01 258 2493 97 F 72 P

Mai Time pictured as a yearling first freshener


Mai Time was named because when she was fist born, she was one of quads and I exclaimed "I have another GOLD ONE!" Of course, that was naturally the one that had to stay! We were super excited the way Comet crossed on Moment, and are really excited about this young doe's future.

Update - Mai Time freshened with a single doe we are currently retaining and a BEAUTIFUL udder. She has a wonderful dairy temperament and we are beyond thrilled with her. She earned two reserve wins in limited showing and was our first yearling to appraise 89! In addition to that she had a high DHIR test of 12.6!



2 x Reserve Champion in 2017


1-01 258 2493 85 F 64 P


*B South Fork Haileys Comet EX 90


*+B SG Kastdemur's AV Avalanche


SGCH South Fork Sweet Hailey EX 92 EEEE


Here Be Goats Decisive Moment 3*M EX 90 EEEV


*+B Kastdemurs Up & Atom EX 91


SGCH Harmony Woods MM Madiera 1*M EX 91 EEEE


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