I give thee LaMancha,

 no circumlocation nor facade,

God's Greatest gift, here in my back yard.

Welcome to our home on the web! All of our breeding stock is CAE free and raised CAE prevention. We test twice per year with Biotracking. We are TB/Brucellosis certified and accredited. Does and kids are vaccinated every 6 months with CDT and Bo-Se and are de-wormed regularly. We feed a 16% mare and foal feed with oats and beet pulp. Hay provided is Perennial Peanut hay, Orchard alfalfa and limited Chaffhaye to milkers and kids. Our theory is that good genetics can not get you anywhere without great management! We encourage buyers to do the same.

2014- Our small but mighty herd continues to make us proud!!!! We are limited by time to make many shows but in two shows (6 rings) we managed to take 6x Best of Breed, 2x Best in Show, 3x Grand Champion to finish GCH Cleopatra and get two legs on our yearling milker Miriam! Linear appraisal went well with 3 out of 5 does appraising excellent and our yearlings making the mid 80s! They also continue to impress us on standard DHIR with level lactation curves and high milk components. In our eyes we are looking for the ultimate performance animal that can reproduce herself - and manage to thrive in our hot and HUMID Florida summers!

GCH Harmony Woods MM Madiera 1*M earns 3x Best of Breed and 2x Best in Show at her second show in 2014.





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